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The best sunset I’ve ever seen

Though this website and blog is primarily for recent photographs I will at points be sharing some photos and stories from old travels and old cameras.

Today’s images come from the Okavango Delta in Botswana, which I visited while travelling overland from Rwanda to Cape Town.

This sunset was an unexpected jewel in the middle of a long, hard and unforgettable travel experience. I had no prior knowledge or expectations of Botswana before I arrived but by the time we rattled into that country on our truck I was beginning to grow a bit weary of the overlanding life. I had survived one truly awful stomach bug in Zambia, had recently said a sad goodbye to some lovely travel companions and had probably swallowed enough roadside dust to start my own continent. Our tour leader had also caught malaria.

Looking back, the calming experience of delta-bobbing on a mokoro was probably the event that lead to my love of kayaking.

Botswana is a stunningly beautiful country.

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